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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about 50 things? Take a look at the most frequently asked questions below. You’ll also find our contact details for any we might have missed.

Question 1

  1. Where can I see the full 50 things list?

    To see the full 50 things list, you can either sign up for a free account, and then log in to the Kids' area or download the full list on the homepage.

    If you're within the Kids' area - click on the 'Your 50 things' tab, and you'll see the full interactive list, so you can start logging what you've done right away.


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Question 2

  1. Some of the activities I’ve completed have changed or disappeared - where have they gone?

    From 2nd May 2013 you will notice a few changes to the 50 things website. There are a whole host of brand new adventures to be completed thanks to the recommendations of kids from all over the country! Don't worry as some of the activities your child completed before will be added to their score, and recognition for the old activities can be found in the brand new 'Achievements' area!

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Question 3

  1. Do I have to do all 50 things to get my Explorer badge? How do I claim my child's Explorer badge and secret reward?

    Do I have to do all 50 things to get my Explorer badge?

    Yes, but we know you can't always guarantee snow in the UK. Towards the end of the year if there aren't many explorers completing all 50 things we will review this and see who are the closest.

    How do I claim my child's Explorer badge and secret reward?

    • When your child has done all 50 things, you will need to log in to the parents' area to verify that all 50 activities are complete
    • We will then send you an email with details of how to claim your child's National Trust Explorer badge, and secret reward
    • Please note, we will not automatically send out the badge or reward, you will need to follow the details in the email we send you once you verify all 50 things are done, to claim the badge and reward

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Question 4

  1. Where can I find safety advice about the 50 things?

    Children matter to the National Trust, so we recommend that all of these activities are supervised by an adult. We trust that you will make your own judgement about what is safe and suitable for the ability of your child.

    You'll find lots of hints and tips for each of the 50 things activities to help your child become a 50 things expert safely, and there are additional tips and useful links for you to access in the safety section of the parents' area.

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Question 5

  1. How can I find out which National Trust places I can do each of the 50 things at?

    Use our handy Find a Place search to see where you can do each of the 50 things. Don't forget to check with the National Trust place before you go to make sure it's the right time of year to do the activity.

    The icons on the right hand side of the Find a Place search page (when you've carried out a search) show which of the 50 things places are taking part in.

    Please note, some places are holding specific 50 things events, while others simply offer the space to get mucky - please call to check before visiting.


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Question 6

  1. Are all of the 50 things activities available at National Trust places all year round?

    Many of the 50 things can be done at any time of the year whether at a National Trust place or somewhere closer to home, but some of these can only be done at certain times of the year. It's best to check with the National Trust place you plan to visit before you go to make sure you'll be able to tick the 50 thing off your list.

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Question 7

  1. Where can I get hold of a free scrapbook and stickers?

    Scrapbooks will be available at participating National Trust places from 4th May 2013 subject to availability. Find a place to collect one here. You can collect '50 things' stickers or receive a stamp in your scrapbook (subject to availability) from participating places when you complete an activity on your visit. You can also get a parent or guardian to sign the sticker space if you complete it at home or log your activity online and receive a special reward for your Outdoor Explorer!

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Question 8

  1. I have a question not listed here?

    If you have any other questions about 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾, then please do get in touch:

    Contact information

    Email: 50things@nationaltrust.org.uk
    Tel: 0844 800 1895


    50 things to do before you're 11 ¾
    The National Trust
    SN2 2NA


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Question 9

  1. I have more than one child, can they have separate accounts? Also, I’m a teacher at a school, how can I sign up my class?

    Yes. You can set up multiple child accounts, linked to the same parental email.

    Just get them to choose their own usernames and passwords, and then provide your email address, choose a parental password and activate each of your child accounts.

    As the parent, you will be able to log in to the parents' area to see how each child is getting on, and to validate each child's log of the 50 things.

    I'm a teacher at a school, how can I sign up my class?

    You can sign up your class in two ways, either one login for the whole class with a school email address or each child registers online with their parental email address or one school email address (with parental consent) so there is a grown-up (parent or teacher) that can activate and verify when all 50 activities are completed by each child. This allows each child to log their experiences for each of the 50 adventures and receive their explorer badge and special reward for completing all 50!

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Question 10

  1. What size should the photos my child uploads be?

    If they want, your child can choose to upload a picture of them doing each activity.

    Only you and they can see these pictures, they are not shared with others users.

    Pictures should be no more than 2MB, and approx 400 wide x 300 high. This means it won't cut your head or feet off when it's uploaded!

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Question 11

  1. How do I get back to the kids' area?

    Once your child's registered, you'll be sent an email asking you to activate their account. Once you've done this, you'll need to hit the blue 'LOG OFF' button at the top of the site, and get your child to sign in to access the kids' area of the site!

    Each time you log in to the parents' area, to get back to the kids' part of the site, you just need to log off and get your child to log in!

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Question 12

  1. What is ‘50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾’?

    From building a den to playing a friendly game of conkers, aren't these experiences in the outdoors an essential part of childhood?

    We believe they are, but sadly nowadays we are spending less and less time in nature, enjoying the simple pleasures of just being outdoors.

    The '50 Things To Do Before You're 11¾' initiative is in response to a report commissioned by the National Trust which highlighted research that fewer than 1 in ten children regularly play in wild places compared to almost half a generation ago, a third have never climbed a tree and 1 in ten can't ride a bike.

    So, we had a think about how we could show just how much the outdoors can be. We've been compiling a list of just some of the easiest and most fun outdoor experiences we think all children should have had a go at before their 12th birthday.
    50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾' will take you into the woods and onto water, up huge hills and down to the beach, and this website has been designed to make it easy as mud pie for you and your family to find out which of our places are near to you and which of the 50 things you can experience with them.

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